How to choose the right size lampshade for your home

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A Guide to choosing the perfect lampshade size

A well chosen lampshade will not only enhance your home but will also provide a crucial role in illuminating your living space. The right size shade will give you the perfect balance between aesthetics and functionality.

For your Ceiling 
A shade for the ceiling is called a Pendant (as it hangs from your light fitting, usually in the centre of the room).

Things to consider :
How high is your ceiling, if it is lower – opt for a 20cm or a 30cm size shade to avoid overwhelming the space.  Taller ceilings will accommodate a larger shade like a 40cm and add dramatic effect.  I can also make shades in larger sizes, get in touch if you would like more details.
What is your room size, a larger shade will spread the light more evenly in a large space, and a small shade will create a cozy and intimate feeling in a small room.

For a Standard Floor Lamp

A 40cm shade will be the perfect size for a standard floor lamp.  Any smaller and the balance will seem off.

For a Table Lamp base

Table lamps are not only functional but they also serve as a decorative accent in your space.

Things  to consider:
When choosing a lamp size the height of the table lamp will influence the size.  A Taller base will suit a larger size while a smaller height will work well with a small shade.  If the base is wide, it may need a wider lampshade, for example if you had a wooden ball shaped base.

If in doubt, please get in touch, send me a photo of your base with dimensions and I will happily give you some advice on the right size shade to choose.

how to choose the right size lampshade