Bird of Paradise Flower cushion
Bird of Paradise Flower cushion

My Bird of Paradise Flower illustration printed onto Half Panama cotton and made into a cushion.  Available in Teal or Dark Blue.

Size: 45cm x 45cm

Delivery time is three weeks as both the fabric and cushion are printed and made to order.

I grew up in the tropics, in a small group of islands called Vanuatu in the Pacific. Bird of Paradise flowers were commonplace there, but in the UK people grow Strelitzia in their hothouses. In the warm climate of Cornwall where I live now, the plants are moved outdoors during the summer months. I met an older couple in Newquay recently who had 30 plants, which started off as a tiny cutting from her mother. This design originally started off as a bespoke request from one of my regular customers, who was looking for a tropical feel to her lounge, and it is rapidly becoming one of my best sellers.

Please specify if you would like the Teal or Blue background.

A hypoallergenic pad is included in the price.


This dramatic print is perfect if you want to pep up your sitting room with a bit of colour.

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