Top Dog Carpet Cleaning

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Branding for start up business in Cornwall

I first met Andy after a talk I gave to Outset Cornwall clients in 2017.  He explained that after 25 years working in the professional carpet cleaning business he was starting up his own business Top Dog Carpet Cleaning with his wife Jane.  Having bought a van and the essential equipment, they were now at the stage where they needed to consider branding and marketing their business.  I met with them both a couple of times to outline what their requirements were.

The name of their new company, Top Dog Carpet Cleaning, was inspired by their Springer Spaniel Tessa, and they were keen for her to be incorporated into their branding to reflect her importance as Dog-in-Chief.  Their new van was blue, and they wanted to go with the colour for their branding to create a strong and distinctive identity.

Logo design

Andy and Jane asked me to design a logo that would reflect the inspiration behind the name of their new company, their beloved springer spaniel Tessa. I thought that a realistic way to incorporate the vacuum cleaner into the image would be to make it look as natural as possible, and instead of holding a bone the dog would hold a vacuum cleaner tube.

Top Dog Carpet Cleaning flyer

Andy had worked in the professional carpet cleaning industry for over 25 years, and had built up good relationships with his clients in that time. Andy and Jane asked me to design a flyer that he could hand out to his contacts, letting them know he had now set up on his own, and the services that Top Dog Carpet Cleaning could offer. I set out the services in clear concise key bullet points with important contact information.

Van signage

I worked with Andy and Jane's signage company to send them a vector file which could be cut out into vinyl and applied onto the van. It wasn't a straightforward job but my knowledge of preparing files for laser-cutting helped me to understand the correct file format to ensure the process was smooth.

Work carried out

Branding / Logo / Printed Literature / Illustration / Website

What they said

"Hi Alison, Thanks for doing a Top Job 4 Top Dog, all the best, Andy and Jane"